Tessa meets Church Commissioners in Parliament to discuss new Bishop’s Housing

Tessa in Parliament

Yesterday, Local MP Tessa Munt met with Sir Tony Baldry MP, who answers to Parliament for the actions of the Church Commissioners’ and Andrew Brown, Secretary to the Church Commissioners in Parliament.

Tessa took the opportunity to summarise her constituents’ concerns about the decision to move the new Bishop’s living accommodation away from the City, the historic home of the Bishops of Bath and Wells for some 800 years.

Tessa said:

“The meeting lasted over an hour and I expressed my constituents’ disquiet at the Church Commissioners’ actions, particularly the lack of consultation and information. I questioned the Church Commissioners’ claims which mentioned “privacy” and “sustainability” as reasons for the decision and highlighted the baseless nature of these statements.”

“I conveyed the outrage felt locally over the decision to buy back a property sold by the Diocese in April 2007 because it was unsuitable as clergy accommodation and queried the excessive cost involved in the transaction, which it transpires is to be a temporary solution only to the question of where to house the new Bishop and his wife.”

As a result of further discussions with constituents over the course of this week, Tessa has asked further Parliamentary Questions of Sir Tony Baldry requiring answers in writing.

For further information or if you wish to view the question and answers when they are published please go to theyworkforyou.com and enter your postcode.


Tessa Munt 

16th January 2014

2 Responses to “Tessa meets Church Commissioners in Parliament to discuss new Bishop’s Housing”

  1. Rosie Inge says:

    Can you please press Sir Tony, when he comes to Wells on 25th January, that he brings with him a satisfactory reason for not allowing the Bishop to live in the Palace? The reasons of ‘sustainability’, ‘privacy’ and ‘effectiveness’ given treat us as children and are extremely patronizing to the intelligence of the people of Somerset. I would also like to know how they justify spending such a huge sum of money (£895,000 on the Old Rectory’s listing on Roderick Thomas’ website) when they only sold it for £770,000 in 2007.

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