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    Why I tendered my resignation as Parliamentary Private Secretary







    It is with regret that I today handed in my resignation after 3 enjoyable years working closely alongside Vince Cable as his PPS in the Business Department.

    I understood the implications of voting against the Government, but with my principles, in favour of a moratorium or ‘freeze’ on fracking, as endorsed by the Environmental Audit Committee’s Report published on Monday morning.

    Even though the Infrastructure Bill passed with the insistence of both the large parties last night.

    I have restated my opposition to fracking today. I am unwilling to compromise and cannot change my opposition to fracking. I will continue to campaign vocally against fracking and as result it is clear that my views cannot be reconciled with the Government on this matter. This evening I tendered my resignation as PPS to Vince.

    I will continue to defend and represent this beautiful part of Somerset, its residents, businesses with all the enthusiasm and energy that I have had since May 2010 when I became the Member.

    My campaign to stop fracking in Somerset continues.

    Vince said:

     “I am sad to see Tessa step down in her role as my Parliamentary Private Secretary. Tessa is a wonderful colleague. She has been incredibly hard working and has fully supported our efforts within the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to create new jobs and apprenticeships. 

    ‘I know standing down has been a hard decision for her but Liberal Democrat MPs are local champions and her priority is to the people of Wells. She has strong views on fracking which means she could not support the Government position in this case”




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